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4ft Double Level Rabbit Hutch

Quality 4ft double level rabbit hutch with free wind and rain cover.
This rabbit hutch is the approved minimal size for two small to medium size rabbits. They have the space in this hutch to be able to move about and have a good quality of life. Each level is 4ft long, 2ft wide and importantly 2ft in height.

This hutch features

* A free wind and rain cover (that not only protects your rabbits but also protects your hutch and it's bedding)

* Heavy duty roof covered in green mineral felt.

* Roof overhang that protects your hutch.

* 4 Access doors

* Non rust hinges

* Quality dried fir timber that is already treated.

* Lockable ladder connecting two different levels.

* All doors with lockable bolts.

* the correct minimal size for two small to medium size rabbits (as recommended by animal socieities)

Price: €320.00
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